Our Vision

Fighting childhood cancer.


The D.O. Believe Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to (a) raising awareness & funding for pediatric cancer, with the primary focus on brain tumors; (b) supporting the families of children fighting the disease; and (c) spreading Dominic's message that anyone can be a superhero!  

a) Raise Public Awareness & Funding for Pediatric Cancer: We D.O. Believe that research is the only way to find a cure for our children. Pediatric cancer is shamefully under funded and we are dedicated to changing this. We will educate the public about the facts of pediatric cancer and through community fundraising events; we will raise money towards supporting advanced research, with the primary focus on brain tumors. Raising awareness creates action!

b) Support the Families of Children Fighting the Disease: We D.O. Believe that we can be as giving and generous as Dominic was and wanted those around him to be. Through community fundraising events, we will raise money to help families “living” on the Pediatric Oncology floors of our hospitals. We will strive to provide funds to assist with food and parking for caregivers and families of the children that are being treated.

c) Spread Dominic's Message that Anyone Can Be A Superhero: We D.O. Believe that anyone can be a superhero. Dominic whole heartily believed that he turned into The Dominator while going through his cancer treatments. He believed that good would prevail over evil and a cure would be found. It is up to us to finish where he left off and to continue to spread his contagious message of positively and hope.  


Nicole Stagnoli